Get Pre-Game Ready

It is week 3 in my VPX Sports/Vivo 360 12 week plan. I am still actively playing competitive kickball and also slowly easing back into my daily fitness routine. 4 months of an incredibly intense, structured & disciplined nutrition and training schedule in preparation for my Fab 40 photo shoot were both a mental and physical journey. I would say far more mental but I’m ready to hit it hard again

The VPX Sports supplements have been so convenient and effective in my sports conditioning. As a pre-workout or pre-game snack, a good protein/carb combination gives me plenty of energy. Today I  grabbed a VPX Sports, Life Lift high protein bar and ready to start my workout. It is also gluten-free which is perfect for those intolerant to glutens like I am.

When most think of kickball, they think about the game of our childhood. That is partly correct but the adult competitive leagues are filled with fierce athletes who come to win. Like any other sport there is the chance of minor or catastrophic injury. I have witnessed torn ligaments, dislocated ankles, jammed fingers, etc. Staying in shape is crucial for minimizing injury. Even though I came into the game in great shape, the first thing I did was to pull a quad muscle. My muscles were not conditioned to sprinting at high speed and that is exactly what you do traveling the bases. My joints also took a beating.

These items became my best friends. Glucosamine supplements promotes joint health. The ankle and knee braces give me that extra support needed during intense activity. My joint discomfort definitely lessened once I incorporated these 3 into my active lifestyle.

I can now do my continue my speed and agility band workout without joint pain.

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